WHo we are


MAD Perspectives

MAD Perspectives evolved from experiences developing new businesses within the boundaries of “Corporate America”. During that journey we learned:

  • there are always different perspectives on how to prioritize and define solutions and take them to market

  • a variety of viewpoints is not a problem

  • the challenge is aligning go-to-market strategy, tactics and storytelling to customer need, market reality and tangible capability. 

  • alignment is everything

MAD Perspectives brings a pragmatic approach to creating the strategy, and helping you pursue the tactics to move your business forward.


Peggy Dau 
Managing Partner


I guess i’m a bit of a geek. That’s fashionable now. My love of emerging technologies comes from exposure to the constantly evolving tech sector - long before tech was cool. In particular, I like understanding how the intersection of technology, business and markets creates new value. I’ve seen, first hand, how business goals, go-to-market and communications strategies have evolved as market demands ebb and flow. I’m committed to identifying the opportunity, communicating the business value and pursuing uncompromising quality. 

My sweet spot is working with companies introducing new solutions. Large or small, it comes down to storytelling that resonates with customers. 

In my free time, I can be found playing with my dog Whisky - a blend, not a single malt! Or, paddling my sea kayak. There's a lot of water on this planet and I've yet to see all of it.

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