Every company has a story to tell

MAD Perspectives collaborates with you to identify the challenges your customers are facing as they seek solutions to drive their businesses forward. Your goal is to simplify their journey and deliver the insight they need during their decision making process. We help you tell your story and optimize your go-to-market programs by aligning business drivers, industry culture and potential inhibitors.

MAD Perspectives provides objective market insights, competitive analysis, go-to-market planning and strategic marketing services.  





Strategic Planning


Solution Definition


Align resources, priorities and corporate storytelling with your stated business goals.

Define the optimal set of solutions and channels that will help you achieve your financial, go-to-market and technology goals.

Market analysis to align your business, technology and people assets with specific market demands.


What makes us different

Breadth and depth of knowledge, based on experience working with a broad variety of companies from a variety of different financial, technology & business perspectives.

We’ve seen the challenges and hurdles companies face as they bring new products to market, focus on vertical markets and pursue joint go-to-market strategies with partners.


Why us

1. With 25+ years in high tech, we understand the business impact of technology for your customers. We like to translate technology into a language your customers understand.

2. We connect the dots between your business, your solutions, your business partners and current market trends.

3. We collaborate with you to align perspectives and create strategic plans and tactics that move your business forward.

Our clients


· Early-stage companies needing assistance in establishing the marketing foundation for their venture

· Companies bringing new solutions to market that require opportunity analysis and strategic messaging

· Corporations aligning product or solution messaging with vertical market requirements.

Peggy understands how IT and the converged world of Communications, Media & Entertainment work today and in the future. Peggy developed key strategies for our business and tied those strategies to our partner in the business.
— Tim L., HPE
I am impressed by her ability to quickly take vague concepts and turn them into tangible plans and materials. Her ability to survey the broadcast & technology markets, leveraging her vast network, and provide clear strategic guidance has been invaluable.
— Emma B., Grass Valley
Working with Peggy at insightXM was a joy. I learned from her. Her expertise is fluid, dynamic and challenging. She’s capable of leading and teaching simultaneously (a rare combination).
— Joseph C., Insight XM

Never stop listening and learning...