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 A Season To Be Thankful

Peggy Dau - Monday, November 24, 2014

Inspired by this week's upcoming Thanksgiving celebration and Jimmy Fallon's thank you notes (but without his innate humor), I am grateful for:

     - Amazing colleagues who never cease to feed my desire for knowledge. I've known some of you for years and others only a short time, but every conversation reinforces my love of technology and how it persistently changes the way we live our lives.

     - HP remembering what innovation is! Having spent a significant portion of my adult life as an HP employee, i will always be interested in what this company does.  This year, they made three announcements which proved that they've still got what it takes to compete.  In case you missed them, those announcements were The Machine, Sprout by HP, and 3D Printing.  Good luck HP in bringing all three solutions to market - each of them will shift existing paradigms.

     - Seeing that the media & entertainment sector is finally adopting all the technologies that my old team at HP believed in. We were ahead of the curve, didn't earn or have the confidence of the industry, but we were passionate about how IT-based solutions were going to shift the business of media. That transition is still underway, but it's nice to know we weren't completely wrong!

     - For clients who create cool technology and allow me to help them tell their stories.

     -  The power of networking. As an independent consultant, networking is how business happens. Anyone who follows my blog posts, knows that I'm a big believer in the benefit of social networks - particularly LInkedIn. However, face to face meetings will always win out. They allow for a human experience, a gut instinct, an offhand comment that uncovers a bigger idea - or just a friendly, wow it's great to see you, hug.  Social networks extend and reinforce those human relationships, but hopefully will never completely replace them.

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!