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 Hyper Real Time - the New Normal

Peggy Dau - Thursday, January 02, 2014

Remember the Starship Enterprise from the "Star Trek" series shifting into warp speed? The tech sector has arguably been benefitting from consumer and commercial desire access to information at warp speed since the rise of the Internet. Each technological development has been focused on access to, sharing of or management of information and data. Whether it is advancements in communication tools & devices, collaboration solutions,, data analysis or location based services, the goal is to increase and accelerate intelligence about customers, products, markets, industries and events.

As we embrace 2014 and reflect upon 2013, it's natural to consider what business needs will drive technology developments and which technology solutions will dominate the business landscape.  For me, the desire for delivery of information and content, in hyper-real-time, is the cornerstone for continued focus on data, social, mobility and cloud. Our desire for persistent connection, as evidenced by our intimate relationships with our smartphones, will drive development of enterprise apps designed to improve productivity, enhance CRM and simplify information access. These apps are only possible thanks to existing advancements in both cloud and mobile technology. 

Enterprise technology behemoths such as SAP, Oracle, IBM,, Microsoft are all offering cloud solutions that will soon, if not already, be adapted for mobile access via smartphone. Social networks and start ups are already focused on the power of data, mobility and location. Sales reps, solution architects, consultants, media buyers, broadcast journalists, healthcare professionals, traders - they will all be accessing role and industry specific content for themselves and on behalf of their customers. They will place and track orders, access pricing, competitive data and product roadmaps, receive alerts, review and approve content…and more.  This will all be accomplished via smartphones and tablets as well as the continued expansion of 4G/LTE networks and free Wifi access to ensure connectivity wherever and whenever.

Whatever role you play in your organization, think about how you access, use and provide data. In 2014, get ready for increased expectations for hyper-real-time insight. Our desire for instantaneous gratification will continue to frustrate us, but it will also drive us to develop and adopt the tools that will become the new normal.

What's your perspective?