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 And the SuperBowl Winner Is...

Peggy Dau - Tuesday, January 27, 2015

…DATA!! Ha! You thought i was going to predict the winner of the big game. Well, i don't claim to be enough of a football fan to even make an attempt at that prediction. I'll leave that to the Las Vegas bookies and the legions of fantasy football leagues. But I can predict that we will see a LOT of data as we approach the game , during the game and directly after the game.

After all, it's more than a game. We will watch the competition on the field, digest a slew of statistics, and debate the merits of ads costing $4M for 30 seconds or $8M for 60 seconds (yes, that's my obligatory pice of data and it doesn't include the cost of producing the ads). We will post social updates about various plays, but also about Katie Perry's halftime performance, our favorite snack food recipes and drinks, what we are wearing, and the weather.

We will seek, find and share videos and data points about past super bowls. In fact, the NFL is makes it with their new Game Rewind service (P.S. free trial access expires February 2, 2015). There will be #hashtags a plenty trending on Twitter - some promoted by the NFL, Patriots and Seahawks - others inspired by on screen events (football related or….not).

Oh, and yes, this is the event that still drives live TV viewing. Sure we will use second screens to enhance that TV experience (and there will be tons of data after the event to reveal what devices, platforms or apps we did actually use), but we will gather together for the original social experience, a party with friends, to enjoy the big game. We will watch the game on HD and UHD TVs. NBC will appreciate the ratings bump.

Yes, we're going to consume a LOT of data. We will debate the merits of each team, player by player, position by position, by salary, by location, by owner and head coach. And, we will create a LOT of data that will be aggregated, analyzed and spit back out to support various perspectives about the birth, death or sustainability of live TV, second screen, social media, and advertising.

Enjoy the game!