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Peggy Dau - Friday, September 30, 2011

Next week I will be participating in the Women's International Networking (W.I.N.) conference in Rome.  I'm excited to be joining 950 talented women from enterprise, non-profit and entrepreneurial businesses.    The goal of the conference is to empower, develop and connect leaders with a feminine, authentic and global vision. I am pleased to be part of a forum of women sharing their experiences in defining the "Future Room".

What is the "Future Room".  At the moment I can only speak for myself as I won't hear comments from my colleagues until next Thursday.  For me, the future was defined as I left HP 2-1/2 years ago.  My future leveraged many of the business practices I learned at HP - business planning, unique uses of technology, managing customer relationships, business development, clarity of communication.  My business today helps companies plan and identify their use of digital media to tell their corporate story.  It helps individuals amplify their reputation as it relates to their business.

The path to what the business is today was not a straight line, but I found clarity by listening to signals from those around me.  I navigated choppy waters by finding balance in how I pursued business and provided value. I'm eager to hear how other women have succeeded in attaining their goals.  This conference is social networking in the traditional manner, meeting colleagues face to face.  I'll be posting comments from the conference using the social networks that have become so pervasive.

Stay tuned!