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 What's Up With All the Pinning?

Peggy Dau - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The latest social media buzz is all about Pinterest.  If you are a female consumer ages 25-54, you might be using Pinterest to invite comment from friends and family as to interior decorating options, travel destinations, gifts or recipes. According to Pinterest they are "a virtual inboard.  Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web." While this may be fine for consumers, I'm challenged to think of the the value for B2B companies.  Sure, technology companies such as HP, IBM, EMC and others have some limited content on Pinterest, but how can Pinterest help your company achieve its strategic goals?

The answer - I don't know. Hubspot has a good blog on this topic reflecting on the ability for users to follow boards or entire accounts. So, you could elect to follow the board of a industry thought leader or a specific industry topic. If you search "social media" a slew of pins appear. The most important thing to remember about Pinterest is visual.  It is about images. A pin cannot be created if it is not associated with an image.

Of course, Pinterest could be part of an overall strategy to increase awareness of the company and its products. The key is whether your target audience is on Pinterest. Then the challenge is to represent your business using visual images. This could be an infographic, logo, presentation, pictures from an event or product images. Don't forget, visual content is more memorable than text.However, it's about this being the right destination for your content. It's not that this content is not located anyplace else on the web, it's that you want to reach an audience that is spending time on Pinterest.

Think about how Pinterest may advance your business strategy. Brainstorm the different types of images that can personalize your business and then align those images with your overall marketing strategy. A simple starting point may be related to an event. There are dozens, if not thousands, of pins from the recent South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. I'd be curious how many of these pins are also twit pics or pictures of Facebook pages. Do these pins increase awareness or drive leads - or is it just a way to humanize your business?

Pinterest can be linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, meaning that your pins show up in those feeds. This is great for personal use, but for me, the jury is still out on the relevance of Pinterest in the B2B space, but I'll keep watching and brainstorming!

What's your perspective?