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 Social TV - The Second Screen Driving TV Engagement

Peggy Dau - Monday, February 11, 2013

We love the intersection of industries and technologies. As a result we've spent the last few months investigating the rise of Social TV. You've read a few of our posts on this topic. This is a broad segment addressing consumer search for and engagement with TV programs, as well as the analytics about who's engaging. Social TV is the use of a second screen, typically a smartphone or a tablet, to seek information while watching TV. Apps and platforms aggregate content from fans interacting on social networks and content producers to enhance the fan experience.

Engagement is taking place, on the second screen, in the form of check-ins, quizzes, polls and interactions with fellow fans, program producers, cast and crew. For loyal fans, the second screen is providing them with an opportunity to create a stronger emotional connection to the show with access to exclusive content relevant to on-air programming. Broadcast and cable TV use of these Social TV apps is on the rise as they recognize the opportunity to lure viewers back to live TV, and increase long tail consumption. The second screen provides producers a mechanism to discover the desires and capitalize on the incremental advertising opportunity.

Read our analysis and learn more about this engaging trend to understand why this is a game changer for TV!

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