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 Social Media at Taylor O'Brien

Peggy Dau - Wednesday, June 01, 2011

As part of our ongoing committment to sharing fresh content about B2B use of social media, today we are releasing a new case study!  We enjoyed a 6 week blog series with Taylor O'Brien, discussing the unique and necessary alignment of brand and social media.  

Taylor O’Brien (TO’B) is a creative consultancy providing brand and business inspiration to a wide variety of clients across multiple industry sectors and geographies.  Headquartered in Manchester, England, TO’B is uniquely focused on strategically developing brand messaging that is directly aligned with business strategy.  Projects have ranged from expanding brands into global markets, evolving the business conversation to drive increased sales, invigorating a heritage brand for future markets and creating brand inspiration.

Taylor O’Brien has recently added clarity to its brand and positioning.  With an updated website and initial foray into social media, TO’B is expanding its online reach and sharing best practices with current and future clientsTO'B has been gracious to share their thoughts on their use of social media.

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