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 Social Media Is Driving Intelligence

Peggy Dau - Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ok, you've jumped on the social media bandwagon. You're following industry pundits. You're checking competitor's blogs. You're tweeting, updating and blogging on behalf of your company.And, regardless of how much planning, aligning and preparing you've done, there are moments when you're wondering - WHY?  Sometimes as we become engrossed with the day to day activities, we forget about the big picture.  What is the benefit of all this social, online activity?

source:  Lee Bryant Headshift | Dachis Group June 2011

Aside from the basics of brand and market awareness, thought leadership, lead generation and customer service, social networks are a source of business intelligence. Think about the volume of data created EVERY day on the various social platforms. Data is the life blood of any enterprise business intelligence program. These programs now need to incorporate data generated and found on social platforms. The benefit of social media intelligence is that it is captured in real time. Whether you review the data daily, weekly or monthly, you can immediately see the volume, velocity and volatility of data about your company, your brand and your products. What does this data tell you?  It provides real-time insight about:

     - what your customers are talking about (industry, company, challenges, satisfaction product, service, sales, etc.)
     - how they are talking about it (emotion and frequency)
     - where they are talking about it (online and in real life)
There are many vendors who can help you capture and analyze this information. The key is to understand how you can use this data once it has been captured.  Social Intelligence will help you to:

     - refine your messaging to meet your customer's requirements
     - define where you need to be both physically and online (which events, which customers, what social platforms)
     - clarify how your present your content (website, social network, presentations, white papers, microsites, etc.)
     - improve products (features, upgrades) and services (contacts, solutions, availability of information) to improve customer satisfaction
     - enrich competitive insights

Get smart!  Increase your social business intelligence to benefit your business!

What's your perspective?