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 Live Your Life!

Peggy Dau - Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm enjoying vacation this week visiting friends and family.  However, we do live in a connected world and I like to stay in touch with the news.  I've seen the big news of the week about Google's proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility.  I'm sure this will be analyzed to death for weeks and months to come.  I do find it very interesting, but the article that has really caught my attention was on  Employees Bid Farewell to Corporate America.  This is the story of my journey these last 28 months!

I lived in Corporate America for 24+ years.  I evolved through several different roles, business groups and management styles.  I traveled around the world and learned how to do business in different cultures.  It was a fabulous experience, until it wasn't.  Like the individuals in the CNBC article, I lost my passion for the job and the company.  It's funny to say you are 'in love' with a company but I felt that I had fallen out of love with my employer of 24 years. 

The benefit was that the company had taught me how to manage a business, network to learn, grow a business and listen closely to identify opportunities.  I was exposed to a wide range of digital media which incited a long term interest in emerging media solutions.  At the same time, social networking went mainstream - meaning there were new opportunities for learning. In embracing social media, I found a new passion that isn't directly about social media, but it's about how social media enables a new level of communication. 

It's almost 2 years since I launched MAD Perspectives and this article reminds me why I'm an independent consultant in a down economy:

     - I have discovered new passions that had gotten lost in Corporate America.  These passions are the foundation of my business - helping companies tell their story using different communication platforms from analog to digital, especially digital.

     - I have freedom to define my day.  Since I tend to be a bit of a workaholic the business does not suffer when I choose to enjoy a yoga class or an early morning kayak paddle.  I work the hours necessary to build the business and fulfill my obligations to clients.  I am happy and providing value. 

     - I provide value, everyday, to individuals and businesses helping them tell their stories leveraging experiences from Corporate America and the new technologies of today's social communities.  The focus, in the social arena, on authenticity and value is very aligned with my personal mantra.  I am thrilled to pursue business activities every day that allow me to work on projects that excite me.

What is great about your life?  What is missing in your life?  Take the time to think about it.  One aspect of my business is assisting business teams in defining their value for clients.  The process involves taking a step back and understanding how individual careers evolved.  The resulting revelations identify core business ethics, drivers and values.  Live your life according to these values.  Find your passion and work at something you love!

What's your perspective?