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 Let's Talk Video

Peggy Dau - Monday, April 02, 2012

It's April and that means its time to talk video.  For the next few weeks, my blogs will focus on video.  We are bombarded by moving images every day.  We share these images, we create content and we tell stories. Broadcasters incorporate YouTube videos into their newscasts.  We create videos for our personal and professional lives.  Businesses use video to explain, educate and inform their customers.  But, secretly, every content creator wants to create the viral video that rages like wildfire across the internet.

I was talking to Glenn Zimmerman of Mad Bear Productions (yes, we "mad" companies must stick together!) about every advertisers dream of creating the Old Spice Guy type commercial.  I asked him for tips on how to make a viral video.  His initial response was what is "viral"?  Is it about getting millions of hits or is it about five hundred views by the right people who are ready to take action?  His second comment referenced three attributes which may cause a video to go viral.  They are:  fuzzy animals, a baby or doing something completely insane on camera.  If your video includes any of these three, it has a slightly greater chance of becoming viral.

However, do any of these three elements support your overall strategy for creating the video in the first place? Video is not and should not be pursued in isolation from your marketing strategy.  It should reinforce and align with your goals.  If you have concerns about your brand and what it means, don't jump into creating a video. The video should reinforce your brand, represent your voice and tell a story that your audience wants to hear.  

When creating the video, pay attention to what outcome you are seeking.  What action do you want your customers to take? Do you want them to simply talk about your brand? Or, do you want them buy something, attend a conference or webinar or schedule a meeting? Be clear in your communication and make it easy of your customers to take action. At the same time, have fun in relaying your content.  Video is about a creative process.  

In the coming weeks, I'll share further tips from Mad Bear Productions, provide thoughts on what "social video" means, and reflect on what the professionals are talking about at this year's NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) conference.  Video is now an intrinsic part of our lives thanks firstly to TV, but also the internet and increasingly smartphones and tablets. Video is memorable storytelling.  How will you tell your story?

What's your perspective?