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 3 is the magic number at IBC 2010

Peggy Dau - Monday, September 20, 2010

I've spent the last 10 years strategizing, defining, developing and enabling IT based digital media solutions for telecommunication, media & entertainment companies.  However, the solutions developed for and utilized by these industries are also relevant for companies in other industry segments, such as manufacturing, financial services, high tech, pharmaceutical, healthcare and more.  The International Broadcasting Conference is a excellent forum for checking out current and emerging solutions enabling creation, management and distribution of digital media.  So, what were the hot topics at IBC that we need to be watching?  It's all about the "3's.

3D - Sure, we've all seen the movies and enjoyed the interactive and immersive feeling that 3D provides.  It's highly entertaining and has certainly helped studio revenues.  But whey is this relevant for the rest of the world.  No, enterprise webcasts aren't going 3D.  However, they have already become more interactive thanks to embedded functionality enabling simultaneous chat streams and backchannels for Twitter and Facebook.  who knows what type of interactivity may follow.  This interactivity personalizes the enterprise, enables customers to communicate more easily with each other and allows the enterprise to get instant feedback (just like the movide producer & director gets to hear the oohs and aughs of their theater audiences).  CAD design requirements for animated features have also benefited engineering design for car parts, buildings and pharmaceutical products.  the investments made by the media industry, open doors, trickle down and facilitate advancements in other industries.  They raise our individual expectations for how we can visualize and develop new products.

3 Screens - Content owners and content distributors have been talking about enabling consumers to access entertainment content on 3 screens, TV, PC and mobile device, for ages.  The visionary demos were fascinating.  However, we have not reached the point of reality where network equipment providers, like Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson, are delivering the solutions to telecommunication providers to simplify the viewing of content on any device.  The process is seamless for the consumer, yet extremely complex for the telecommunications provider. 

Why is this relevant for the enterprise?  Every company wants to achieve as many customer touch points as possible.  Enterprise content needs to be as easily accessible as entertainment content.  The 3 screens may not be the same.  For enterprise we may consider PC, mobile and social networks or apps.  Companies have been managing corporate websites for ages but are now facing the dual challenge of how to share content on social platforms and mobile devices.  Knowing that the telecommunication infrastructure is in place to manage content distribution adresses one critical element of the value chain.

Were you at IBC?  I'd love to understand your take aways and perspectives on the relvance of media centric solution for the enterprise.

What's your perspective?