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 Content Delivery Networks Are Not Dead!

Peggy Dau - Monday, July 20, 2009

Remember 10 years ago when content delivery networks were all the rage?   The ability to cache content at the edge of the network emerged during the rise of Internet.  A plethora of companies emerged, all with patent pending algorithms, to focus on the challenge of making sure the end user’s could easily and quickly  access web content.  These companies included both software vendors and service providers.  As with most markets, consolidation occurred with a few remaining big players and several contenders.

The recent launch and buzz around a new market entrant, Cotendo, acts as a reminder that we need content delivery network solutions now, more than ever.  Just think about the volume of content that is distributed across the Internet every day.  In the late 90s, we were predominantly concerned about delivery of web pages.  These pages were mostly static.  Although, the example of the day to articulate why we needed to acquire CDN technology, was the Victoria Secrets online fashion show.  CDN technology would cache this content at the network edge, ensuring that fans around the globe would not miss one second of Heidi Klum or other angels strutting in their underwear.

Without question, the volume of video content on the web has increased by millions.  Enterprises are streaming executive analyst briefins and customer educationa content externally and using increasing volumes of video content interally.  However, the volume of video content shared between consumers is where the phenomenal growth has occurred.  The networks that sit behind the Internet and the websites that we access to view this content must use CDN technnology to ensure that our user experience is a postive one.

It's interesting (and fun) to see that core technologies such as CDNs stilll get get some buzz.  An undestanding of these solutions should be part of any digital media strategy.  What's your perspective?