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 Social Media at IBC?

Peggy Dau - Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I recently attended IBC as mentioned in my blog of Sep 8.  I was curious to understand how this event which focuses on the technology surrounding the broadcast and media industries, would reflect the increasing uses of social computing.  I was surprised to find only a limited presence.

As I meandered through the exhibition, I was looking for indications that vendors recognized the value of the conversation that social media enables.  These vendors clearly understand the power of video and have created, developed and enhanced their abilities to create, manage and distribute all kinds of video content.   This industry, like many others, is all about workflow.  There is a sequence of events that must occur and if that sequence is interrupted there is usually an impact on the outcome - video or storytelling in this case.

There are a variety of platforms that enable the intergration of applications for ingest, store, edit, manage or distribute of a media asset.  These platforms simplify how organizations manage their digital workflows.  There are conversations that accompany the various tasks within these workflows.  Today, most of these discussion occur on the phone or via email.  I wonder if there is an opportunity to utilize social networking tools to facilitate the conversation.

Would project teams using tools such as Adobe After Effects or Apple Final Cut Pro be interested in opening the post-production editing disucssion to the usually dispersed team via a social computing tool (with relevant security models in place)?  Would it be relevant to discuss they myriad of post-production processes?  Could it be useful to track and capture this discussion?  Social media is inclusive.  It allows all community participants to follow and engage in the discussion.  It's a perspective I plan to investigate further.

What's your perspective?