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 What's Your Social Identity?

Peggy Dau - Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I met with some potential business partners today.  Given my focus on helping clients figure out their strategy for using digital media solutions to tell their story online, I recognize the value brought by business partners who can develop custom applications, provide graphic design, tweak SEO or create video content.  We all agree that B2B companies face a different set of challenges in aligning and deploying digital media than their B2C bretheren. 

One question that often arises is about which social platforms they should be using.  My most common response is "it depends on where your customers are".  Interestingly, as I was talking to business partners today, the topic of knowing what platforms a company's customers may be using came up several times.  Then I stumbled on a blog by Jay Baer from May 14, 2010 referencing two platforms, Flowtown and RapLeaf that can help clients figure out what social platforms their customers and their employees are using.  I've read Jay's review of other social platforms and always appreciate his honest insights.  I'll be checking out these platforms out myself to better understand how to best leverage them.

Shortly after reading the Jay's blog on The Social Media Examiner, I stumbled on another blog about social identity.  NetProspex accessed corporate email contact lists to assess corporate social activity.  Check out the NetProspex Social Index, it may help you to see where the leading "social" companies are spending their time.  Does your company have a social identity?

Understanding your customer's social behavior while figuring out your own social identify can be daunting.  However, the value in knowing where and how to listen to your customers is measurable and meaningful.  Fortunately, there are platforms emerging that can help companies figure out where your customers are!  What methods or platforms are you using?  Let me know! 

What's your perspective?